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Blessing Those Who Curse Us

Who is your enemy? Perhaps you think of Satan or a political leader. Yet, it could be a family member, ex-spouse, neighbor or the person who […]

Divine Conversation: You Speak-God Speaks

Good conversation with God is like tennis, with back and forth exchange. Prayer is two-way communication. God not only hears you, but you can hear Him. […]

How to Pray for Our Troops

How you can pray for deployed military personnel? We hear people say, “Pray for our Troops!” But what do we pray for? What, specifically, are their […]

National Prayer Team: How to Pray About Current Events

Prayer for America Father, thank You for the United States and its government. I pray for the president, the national and local government, the judges, the […]

Pagans in Politics: Don’t Stop Praying!

An old man recalls being a young voter, patriotic and passionate, empowered by virtuous ideals and honorable service to his country. Enduring election after election where […]

Prayer and the Four Characteristics of God

Who is this God to whom your prayers ascend? Belief in what God can do will give you strength and more confidence in your prayer life. […]

Praying for Discernment is the Key to Your Vote

With only one month before the elections, many people remain undecided about the issues and candidates. Which candidates best represent their values? Which position on important […]

What Does the Bible Teach on How to Pray?

What Does the Bible Tell Us About How to Pray? Jesus shares some tremendous insight regarding how to pray to God in Matthew 6:5-13. “And now […]

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