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God is Greater Than My Hurts

Most of us think that the Book of Psalms is a collection of nice Bible verses written by people lazing around on the grass as they […]

Greater Than Our Doubts

King David doubts God because his life is falling apart. He doesn’t think God cares. Asaph doubts God because his world is falling apart. He doesn’t […]

Job: When Mourning and Depression are Normal

Job knows how to handle suffering — he mourns it and grieves it. Despair and depression are normal human experiences after times of loss and are […]

Recession: Bear Market Blues

Let’s examine some Biblical principles to keep in mind during a bear market (a recession; “lean financial times”). The Bible carefully lays out a financial plan […]

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Before Christ we are wired to consume. When we meet Christ we are wired to serve. We have been gifted to make a contribution vs. constantly […]

How to Express Your Love God’s Way

A Unique Take on the Good Samaritan. Excellent illustrations!

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