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It Doesn’t Get Any Simpler

The simple message of the cross is a stumbling block to nonbelievers. The formula for a divine transaction is found in Romans 4: faith plus nothing […]

Why We Never Have to Sin Again

Four great discoveries are revealed in Romans 6. We have evil natures and have committed sins against a Holy God. While we desire to do well, […]

The Exchanged Life

We don’t want the changed life, we want the exchanged life. For this God has given us His Holy Spirit. The Christian life becomes practical through […]

Romans: How to Teach Your Child about God’s Love

Who shall separate us from God’s love? Not God. He already has too much invested in us. Not others. God has already sealed His decision in […]

Longing for the New Heaven and Earth (Romans)

God has the power to fix the world, and He does care about the suffering. He is working out an eternal plan to redeem and restore […]

Laying It All On The Line

Translating beliefs into our lifestyle and relationships hinges dramatically on Romans 12. When we see God’s mercy, it causes us to respond to temptation in surrender […]

Tough Love: God’s Kindness Leads to Change

Paul gives us a glimpse of man from God’s perspective. Without Christ, mankind is misguided, wounded and marred by sin. Suppressing the truth invites God’s tough […]

Settling Church Fights: Dealing with Conflict

Living a grace-filled life calls us to refrain from judgment and to live with a clear conscience. Replace legalism or hedonism with a focus on the […]

Beloved Saints

When we set our affections on Christ, we mature in spiritual matters. Our worldly fascinations fade away as we see grace operating in two realms — […]

Even Good People Have No Excuse

Christ died on the cross so that we could settle our sins before Judgment Day. When we die, our choice is sealed for eternity. God uses […]

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