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Are There Right and Wrong Ways to Pray Thankful Prayers?

Dear Roger, I’m not sure how to be thankful. I can’t understand all of the terrible things happening around the world…all of the disasters, suffering, war, […]

PTSD: Helping a Vet Recover

Sir, My name is (Name Withheld) from (state withheld) and I am a Christian but I have been diagnosed with anxiety post-Iraq and Afghanistan. I have […]

How Do We Take Up Our Cross and Follow Jesus?

Dear Roger, I’ve always wondered what Jesus meant in the Gospel of Luke about taking up our cross and following him. Just what is this cross […]

Job: Why Does God Do Things We Can’t Understand?

Dear Roger, I’ve been having some really serious health problems and one of my Christian friends recommended that I read the book of Job. That was […]

Profanity: Why is It So Bad?

Dear Roger, I really need to know what God says about swearing and cursing. It’s hard not to do, especially when you are around people who […]

Can I Be Successful Without Compromising My Integrity?

Dear Roger, I’m a 25 yr. old Christian guy (former Casas member) living in Hollywood, and am establishing a successful career for myself in the popular […]

Why is Listening to God so Important?

Dear Roger, I’m reading through Solomon’s book of Ecclesiastes and two thoughts grab my attention. First, it’s so depressing. Solomon says that everything is “vanity” […]

Vengeance For My Cheating Husband?

Dear Roger, I have a question to ask. I have been a Christian for my whole adult life and I know that god will never leave […]

Why Is Life Unfair?

(Dear Reader, the following letter was written by a woman in another country who is in the throes of an acrimonious, three-year dragged out divorce. I […]

Did Paul Hate Women?

Dear Roger, When I read some of the things Paul wrote about women I understand why many (especially Non-Christians) consider Paul to be chauvinistic and sexist. […]

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