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3 Easy Ways to Share Your Faith

“Preach the gospel at all times and, if necessary, use words.” This classic quote, misattributed to Saint Francis of Assisi, is both clever and catchy. It […]

5 “Churchy” Sayings That Need to Die

“Books don’t change people,” John Piper once observed. “Paragraphs do. Sometimes even sentences.” A good sentence is a gift. We love finding complex truth shrinkwrapped in clear, […]

7 Ways to Approach Your Bible Study This Year

If you’re a Christian, you believe reading the Bible is important. But have you considered how to approach it in the first place? What kind of “heart posture” is […]

Daniel: Not Just a Kid’s Bible Story

Why is Daniel so strategic? Isn’t this just a Bible book filled with colorful stories that children love? Author and editor Matt Smethurst relates the true […]

Keys to Living Well in a Scary World

Fear Human beings have always been scaredy-cats. That observation is not surprising. What is surprising is that even we—evolved “modern” people—are so scared. On paper, we […]

Message is More Valuable than Motives

We all know what it’s like to do the right thing for the wrong reason. But what about the reverse? Have you ever done the wrong […]

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